For many people an RV purchase will be the second largest financial investment that they make, second only to the purchase of a home. Would you buy a home without a third party home inspection? Probably not. A certified RV inspector is going to give you the same piece of mind when purchasing your new or new to you RV.

The systems in RV’s are unique; there are 12 volt electrical systems, 120 volt electrical systems, fresh and waste water systems, propane systems, and many others including numerous life safety items. Having each of these inspected and having an easy to read report will be key in your understanding the condition of the RV you are interested in buying. You want to be aware of any issues before you buy not after.

We now offer three levels of RV Inspections; An Essential Safety Inspection, a Complete Premium Inspection and our most popular is the Client Walk Through . We can inspect all types and sizes of rigs, from your large Class A Diesel Pushers to Pop Up Campers, and everything in between.


Essential Safety Inspection $200 – $400

Premium Inspection Travel Trailer $500 – $850

Premium Inspection 5th Wheel $650 – $1,000

Premium Inspection Class B $550 – $850

Premium Inspection Class C $650 – $950

Premium Inspection Class A Gas $850 – $1,250

Premium Inspection Class A Diesel $950 – $1,350